kidmusicYou know how sometimes you get music stuck in your head and it's even still there if you wake in the night?  Think about how dumb some of those lyrics are that you find yourself singing in the shower. Now consider the reverse -- imagine spiritual chants stuck in your head. 

Sacred syllables purify your energy even if you don't know what they mean. 

Choosing what you listen to actually makes a big difference in your state of mind.  Here's my recommendation of some super fun music that will transform you (and your kids) just by singing along.

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Changing the Game Plan to Live Your Passion

signpostSometimes the signposts that re-direct our lives come in unexpected ways.  We always have a choice – to acknowledge and follow those signs, or to ignore them because they don’t fit in with our “plan.”  Especially when it comes to discovering our ultimate purpose in life, it’s never too early to pay attention and change the game plan.

Why wait until you’ve spent 30 years in the wrong job to discover what the universe has been trying to tell you?

I truly believe that we’re constantly being sent messages to guide us on our path, and we just have to look for them to know what our path is.

Sometimes these signs come in disguised packages.

One of the things I’m most grateful for in my life is that I discovered Ayurveda when I was 22 years old.  Though I had planned to do community development work in South Africa, my life took a turn when I became introduced to Ayurveda  through The Yoga of Herbs by Dr. Vasant Lad.

Here’s the juicy story:

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Botox Band-Aids Versus Healing From Within

bandaidIt struck me this morning that Botox is one of those things that exemplifies American culture's determination to "band-aid" an imbalance rather than treat the root of the problem.  We do it with everything, whether it's foreign relations, cleaning up the environment, or medicating kids with behavioral disorders. Outside of an emergency, long lasting solutions to any problem require addressing the root cause.  This is the traditional approach to medicine in the Chinese and Ayurvedic traditions.  Symptoms are treated by discerning the root cause and working to rectify that.  Even in Europe, people have a broader perspective, and they approach a healthy diet and lifestyle as the best anti-aging medicine.  The Italian homeopathic skin care program I've been writing about represents this different way of approaching health. Its "physiological regulating" method treats aging skin at the source - stimulating our own cells to initiate long-lasting repair.

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Beauty Medicine and Homeopathic Injections

 injectionampulesThree weeks ago I began a journey to wipe years of sun damage and aging off of my face.  A girlfriend let me in on a little secret, which apparently Italian and French women all know, and I jumped on it.  "Innovative Italian homeopathic skin injections" was all she needed to say.  I flew to the training, got my supplies and and am now well into the skin "drainage" preparatory program. Now that I'm trained to administer the injection program and am reaping the benefits of facial mesotherapy myself, I'll be blogging regularly about the amazing results and changes I'm noticing.

I'm not one to be obsessed with each and every wrinkle, but I do look in the mirror and notice fine lines, dark spots and other signs of aging.  At 42 I know my natural production of collagen and elastin needs help, so I regularly spend too much money on my favorite, organic, anti-aging cleansers and moisturizers.  I'm definitely guilty of being on the lookout for the next best thing when it comes to being healthier and looking younger.  But I insist on doing things naturally, so you won't see me at the Botox clinic.  I understand why women go for it, and let me say that I am 100% behind anything that makes a girl feel better about herself.

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Ayurveda and Omens: A Coming Event Casts Its Shadow Before It Occurs

ayurveda omensThe art of reading omens is often considered the domain of shamans and fortune tellers. But the ancient science of Ayurveda teaches that understanding omens is possible for everyone; it simply requires that we open our heart and mind to the non-verbal communication from nature that has existed since humans evolved.  In a recent class with the great Ayurvedic teacher, doctor and author Robert Svoboda, he explained how to perceive, without our externalized senses, the shadow cast by a coming event before its arrival.

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Fighting Over Kale Chips Again?

ayurvedakalechipsI never thought I'd see my kids fight over kale.  Everytime I make these kale chips, however, I wish I had made a whole bunch more.  There's a million ways you can make them, and when I look around the Internet, I discover more combinations I'd never thought of.  If you're not already on this kale bandwagon that's sweeping the nation, get on board right now and go make some!

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