bandaidIt struck me this morning that Botox is one of those things that exemplifies American culture's determination to "band-aid" an imbalance rather than treat the root of the problem.  We do it with everything, whether it's foreign relations, cleaning up the environment, or medicating kids with behavioral disorders. Outside of an emergency, long lasting solutions to any problem require addressing the root cause.  This is the traditional approach to medicine in the Chinese and Ayurvedic traditions.  Symptoms are treated by discerning the root cause and working to rectify that.  Even in Europe, people have a broader perspective, and they approach a healthy diet and lifestyle as the best anti-aging medicine.  The Italian homeopathic skin care program I've been writing about represents this different way of approaching health. Its "physiological regulating" method treats aging skin at the source - stimulating our own cells to initiate long-lasting repair.

 As I've mentioned before, I am 100% supportive of women doing whatever makes them feel good about themselves.  That's why I'm so excited about this different paradigm of skin care that nourishes beauty from within. The benefits of this medicine don't come at a price, so you can really feel good about using it.  The lessening of wrinkles and the improvement in skin tone result from the liver, lymph, and skin matrix becoming cleaner and healthier!

There is an ancient Ayurvedic saying that a true medicine is that which heals one problem without creating another.  How many examples of that can we find in American culture?  Negative side effects are tolerated by the FDA as being standard for pharmaceutical drugs.  Our government tries to establish peace by making war.  Dermatologists prescribe cortisone cream for a rash rather than figuring out what's causing the rash.  It's all very short-sighted.  As if there's no other way.

There is another way.  It just takes a little more discernment and self-responsiblity.  This is not a novel idea - they've been doing it this way in other cultures for thousands of years.  The good news is that Americans are turning more and more to natural, sustainable solutions.  Anti-aging skin care from within is but one manifestation of this trend.  Stay tuned for more news from the cutting edge of healthier skin!

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