Cosmic Meditation

A rare and precious clip of Shri Brahmananda Sarasvati leading a chant and meditation in his inimitable style.  Sit with this for a few minutes and feel it.


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The Donut Story

guilt-free donutsI've told the Donut Story to dozens of my patients over the years. Sometimes I call it "Enlightenment in a Heapful of Glazed Donuts" because it wasn't until my teacher ordered me to admit and give in to this denied desire that I realized how blindly and foolishly principled I had become. It perfectly illustrates how feeling guilt and anxiety about eating certain things is far more unhealthy than actually just doing it with clear intention and pure joy...and then truly letting it go.

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Peaceful Coexistence

dhanvantariFrom an Essay by Shri Brahmananda Sarasvati

This age is called the age of Kali Yuga, which means the age of lawlessness, confusion, misunderstanding, irresponsibility, anxiety and anguish, and so forth. Anyhow, there is no need to believe in the Hindus' view of Kali Yuga, because we have seen with our own eyes the universal lawlessness, confusion, misunderstanding, anxiety and anguish, high-jacking and low-jacking, misappropriation of others' property and homes. We have domestic lawlessness, disintegration of family life as well as social life, national life and international life, religious corruption and various types of misery, from physical to spiritual. We see the destruction of our planet earth by various types of physical pollution, mental pollution, spiritual pollution, nuclear pollution and acid rain. We have ruined our soil, our waters, lakes and rivers and our food crops. In such a condition, we do not see any man or woman who is happy in any way. What to do in this predicament?

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Spiritual Health and Healing


From an Essay by Shri Brahmananda Sarasvati

"I" means consciousness, and consciousness means "I". This is the fact. No doubt, in its present form the "I"-principle is mixed with thoughts. The thoughts give size and shape, direct and even dictate the destiny of this "I".

Consciousness operates like the program, which is present everywhere in the atmosphere, while mind, body and senses are operating like the TV or radio, which is located in time and space. No doubt, the poor condition of a TV or radio can seemingly destroy the program for the time being, but it can be seen on other TVs and radios. Televisions and radios, in this case, are the means to manifest the program, just as the body, mind and senses are means, instruments, to realize consciousness, the ultimate end goal.

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