injectionampulesThree weeks ago I began a journey to wipe years of sun damage and aging off of my face.  A girlfriend let me in on a little secret, which apparently Italian and French women all know, and I jumped on it.  "Innovative Italian homeopathic skin injections" was all she needed to say.  I flew to the training, got my supplies and and am now well into the skin "drainage" preparatory program. Now that I'm trained to administer the injection program and am reaping the benefits of facial mesotherapy myself, I'll be blogging regularly about the amazing results and changes I'm noticing.

I'm not one to be obsessed with each and every wrinkle, but I do look in the mirror and notice fine lines, dark spots and other signs of aging.  At 42 I know my natural production of collagen and elastin needs help, so I regularly spend too much money on my favorite, organic, anti-aging cleansers and moisturizers.  I'm definitely guilty of being on the lookout for the next best thing when it comes to being healthier and looking younger.  But I insist on doing things naturally, so you won't see me at the Botox clinic.  I understand why women go for it, and let me say that I am 100% behind anything that makes a girl feel better about herself.

Italian Homeopathic Skin Care Injections

Here's what these Italian homeopathic skin care injections are all about.  First of all they are extremely popular in Europe.  The Italian manufacturer of these cutting edge formulas, Guna, Inc., has been a leader in natural medicine for 28 years.  They've only been in the U.S. for 5 years, so we're just getting wind of this.  Of course women in L.A. and Miami know all about it, too.  The medicines are part of their holistic system called Physiological Regulating Medicine.  Their products are a sophisticated blend of homeopathic remedies, vitamins, minerals, and biochemicals.  These are serious, powerful, natural medicines.  And since they based on the homeopathic principle that very small amounts of medicine have a very broad effect, there are no side effects or reactions.

French Mesotherapy

The injection procedure we're using is called Mesotherapy.  In France, mesotherapy is a popular injection technique that is used regularly as preventative wellness care, and also to treat a wide variety of illnesses.  Mesotherapy was developed in 1952 by French physician Dr. Michael Pistor.  The procedure involves multiple injections into the mesoderm, the layer just under the surface of the skin.  Small amounts of medicines are released with each micro-injection.

Status Update

guna-cellSo here's we're I'm at: The first step in the Guna skin care program is to detoxify and drain the matrix of the skin.  In Europe, they do this for 8 weeks before starting injections.  Here, we're so impatient, we do four weeks.  I started taking my oral homeopathic drops three weeks ago.  They're really easy to take, just 10 drops of each in a little water three times a day.  I wasn't expecting to start seeing changes until after a few weeks of injections.  But, I kid you not, my skin began to feel more hydrated after two weeks of oral drops!  Here in the desert, I sometimes need to apply moisturizer twice a day.  But now I do it just once, and my skin face feels moist all day.  This was a pleasant surprise, for sure.

A few people have even commented to me lately that my skin is looking good, and have asked what I'm doing differently.  I'm amazed that anyone else is noticing!

The Guna Method

The best thing about the Guna method is that it actually makes the skin healthier.  It naturally stimulates the cells and skin matrix to repair as part of an overall physiological healing. Each and every product contains ingredients that address the PNEI - psycho-neuro-endocrine-immune axis.  By treating all of these levels, the body can fully accept, integrate, and act on the medicinal message.  To me this takes the holistic philosophy of nature and traditional herbal medicine and combines it with a cutting edge delivery system. The results are cosmetic as well as internal.  How great is that?

Stay tuned. I'll be posting before and after pictures and blogging regularly to share the experience.

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