What Everyone Ought To Know About Eating At Night

closed kitchenDo you remember when you were a kid and you loved eating cereal right before bed each night?  Well it turns out that our bodies don't digest food very well after sundown. So if you don't sleep so well or your kids get stomach aches or you need to shed a few pounds, close the kitchen and keep reading!

Our body mimics the universe

According to Ayurveda and Chinese Medicine, our bodies mimic the natural universe. When the sun rises in the sky, so too our digestive fire wakes up and starts to roar.  As the sun sets, our internal fire which is our metabolism also goes to sleep for the night.

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Discover the Keys to Your Own Health While Saving Money on Medical Bills

healthy womanAre you one of the millions of Americans for whom health care is one of your primary concerns?  Everyone deserves adequate health coverage in case tragedy or serious illness strikes. But what about our day to day well-being? Nobody wants to visit the doctor every time a runny nose or fever shows up in the house.  Wouldn't it be a relief to know that you could handle the minor illnesses on your own?  Or even better, wouldn't you like to live a lifestyle that serves to prevent illness in the first place?  The key to good health lies in drawing upon the wisdom of ancient medical systems that teach preventative medicine and balanced living.

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Crusade Against Food Coloring Unveiled

smart choices labelingA recent New York Times article describes the latest health fraud against our children. Evidently Froot Loops has received the Smart Choices label for being a nutritious choice for breakfast.  Never mind that Froot Loops are 41% white sugar. For years I have been on a crusade against artificial food coloring and flavoring.  So when this news came out, I decided it was finally time to share the research about the harmful effects of these petrochemical food additives.

This new food-labeling campaign is called Smart Choices and is backed by most of the nation’s largest food manufacturers, like Kellogg's which makes Froot Loops.  Supposedly it is “designed to help shoppers easily identify smarter food and beverage choices.”  What is smart about a cereal in which the primary ingredient is sugar, and which contains artificial food coloring that is proven in Europe to cause cancer and behavioral problems in children?  Obviously it is a marketing campaign to keep mainstream America interested in junk food as the public consciousness around nutrition becomes more sophisticated and informed.

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Kids Need to Move Their Qi

kids runningWhen I was still in the throes of sleep deprivation when my son was a toddler and never slept , my grandmother made a comment that has stuck with me for years. She said that kids never had sleep problems when she was a young parent. I've always wondered about that. We all slept as kids, and our parents worried about a lot of things but not about getting us to sleep.  Why are there thousands of books these days instructing parents how to teach their kids to sleep? Isn't it a biological imperative? Why wasn't my kid just sleeping and letting me sleep?  Was it something in the water?

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Go on Vacation and Bring Home a Cough

kayakingWe've just returned from a great road trip up to Ketchum, Idaho, also known as Sun Valley. It's an incredibly beautiful place surrounded by majestic mountains and raging rivers.  It was the maiden voyage in our new camper, now the standard for comfortable family camping. We loved getting away from the dry heat of the sunny Southwest, and revelled in the cool, even downright cold, mornings and nights. The whole experience was idyllic, despite the nasty cough that both my kids picked up. Swimming in snow melt might have had something to do with it.  Now with school just a few days away, it's time to hit the herb cabinet with a vengeance.

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