ayurvedic kidsRemember when you were a kid how you believed you could do anything?  Kids have an inherent ability to learn, appreciate and apply new knowledge when it's presented in a way that's exciting and fun. The ancient medical system of Ayurveda is particularly easy for kids to understand because it is simple and based in nature.  Most kids are totally grounded in their physical bodies.  They can relate directly when an explanation of health also describes the natural world they see around them. When I had the opportunity to teach Ayurveda to my son's class,  I had no idea that I'd be creating such a riot of epiphanies.

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Natural Germ Killer

cleanwell natural anti-bacterial soapA staple item in almost every mother's bag is anti-bacterial hand sanitizer. Of course every parent has their child's best interest at heart. That's why we try to keep the germs at bay in the first place. But new studies are showing that there are serious harmful consequences of triclosan, the primary ingredient in anti-bacterial soap. Luckily an effective natural alternative called CleanWell is available that contains essential oil from thyme as the primary active ingredient.

CleanWell is a product that sets itself apart as a safe and effective germ killer. The patented blend of essential oils in CleanWell kills 99.99% of all germs including salmonella, e.coli and staph. Their products include a hand sanitizer spray, a foaming hand wash in four incredible natural scents, and handy sanitizing wipes. These products are 100% natural and biodegradable, and are hypoallergenic for the whole family and the environment. You can carry it in your bag and keep a different colored bottle by each sink in the house.

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Feeding the Family Fire

One of the greatest gifts from Ayurveda is its emphasis on good digestion as the basis for good natural health. Even for kids who eat all their veggies and whole grains, a little daily spark to their digestive fire is good preventative medicine. Chyavanprash is an excellent Ayurvedic herbal jam that kids love to eat without even knowing how good it is for them.

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Ayurvedic Card Game

aquarius coverDoes your family enjoy playing card games? Wouldn't it be great to have fun and learn about Ayurveda at the same time? It can be hard to find a game that's fun for 5 year-olds and parents alike, but with Aquarius, you'll stay up way too late because it's so much fun. The graphics are amazing and it's based on the Ayurvedic five elements, which makes this game a real spiritual experience.

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