santa fe ayurveda urban meditationDo you believe that everything happens for a reason?  If we choose to have this faith, then even an accident is no longer just an accident.  It can be seen as a warning sign that we're not paying attention to something important.  I never thought I'd be thankful for an injury.  But surprisingly, having a sprained ankle the size of a grapefruit has helped me to appreciate the power of slowing down. 

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Opposites Attract - An Ayurvedic View of Relationships

santa fe ayurveda relationshipsAre you attracted to people who are exactly like you or exactly the opposite?  Do you and your partner's different ways complement one another or are you like two peas in a pod? My husband and I have totally opposite Ayurvedic constitutions and astrological signs.  But we also balance each other in a way that makes us glad we're not too much alike.  Exploring your relationship dynamic through the lens of Ayurveda can help you appreciate your partner's similarities and differences in the context of the five natural elements.  With a little honest introspection, you might just find that the biggest difference between you and your special someone is actually a healing force for both of you.

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Outwitting Karma With Ayurvedic Gemstones

ayurveda astrologyIf you think jewelry is meant only to be decorative, think again.  According to Ayurveda, there are significant energetic effects of gemstones and precious metals. Depending on your particular Ayurvedic constitution and your astrological chart, there is a prescription as to which metals and stones you should be wearing in order to lead a healthy and successful life.  Now that I finally have a yellow sapphire on my right index finger, I can tell you that there is definately a good reason to make your choice of jewelry an intentional one.

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Ayurvedic Tips For Peaceful Sleep

ayurvedic sleep tipsIf you're one of the millions of people that suffer from insomnia, you know how trying to find an effective sleep remedy can completely take over your life. It seems like a biological necessity, but getting a peaceful night's sleep is rare for a lot of people. With so many technological distractions and a culture of over-stimulation, sometimes our nervous systems just can't calm down.  Ayurveda may be 5000 years old, but it still offers several tried and true practices that even today can finally give you that restful sleep you've been looking for.

1. Don't eat or drink alcohol too close to bedtime.

Our body generates heat and energy in order to digest food. Our liver also works harder to process alcohol. Asking our bodies to do this close to bedtime is asking for interrupted sleep.  The body needs to rest during the night, so it's best not to give it any extra jobs to do. A lot of people find that they don't sleep as well if they eat or drink late at night. For people who already suffer from insomnia, this can make a big difference.

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Solving the National Health Care Crisis With Real Food

shoppingveggiesCan we really solve the national health care crisis with these two simple words: Real Food? I don't believe I'm oversimplifying things to say that we can make a huge dent in improving public health by supporting and encouraging a return to eating real food. By real food I mean identifiable, beautiful, natural, unadulterated and easy to pronounce food. It's almost hard to find it anymore, but it's out there and it's making a comeback. Do you know the difference when you see it? Is eating whole grain bread the same as eating whole grains? Does your body tell the difference between taking Vitamin C and eating a grapefruit? I'll answer these questions so you can navigate through all the nutritional health information coming at you in the media and make choices that benefit your health and public health policy.

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5 Easy Ayurvedic New Year's Resolutions That Will Totally Change Your Life

ayurvedic resolutionsAre you setting New Year's resolutions that are more dream than reality? We all have health goals we'd like to achieve, and it's important to be realistic about what we can change that's practical and easy!  There are simple Ayurvedic ways we can improve our health that don't require massive sacrifice. Ayurveda is full of natural health tips that are actually very easy to integrate and that will totally change your life.  Here's my top 5 Ayurvedic New Year's resolutions that will guarantee you a new level of natural health with very little effort.

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