vegetarian dietDo you struggle to align your eating habits with your ideals?  If you're like me, sometimes your taste buds take control and you find yourself eating something you know isn't the healthiest choice for your body and your spirit.  In this post I want to address the timeless question of whether or not to be a vegetarian.  At this moment in history where the environmental impact of every one of our choices, especially the 3-times-a-day ones, is so critical, it's important to examine how we choose what we eat.  The decision affects our health, the environment, the economy, and global society.  Personally, I am the kind of person who needs to gather a lot of information from many different traditions before I make big decisions.  So I've compiled a surprising list of unusual theories  about eating meat.  If you're on the fence about becoming vegetarian or if you go back and forth, the following considerations and anecdotes may help you finally decide what is best for you.

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4 Simple Ways To Raise Kids Who Love Veggies

haven eating raw broccoliAre you one of millions of parents that have to bribe their kids to eat their veggies?  Maybe you sneak spinach puree into the brownies? Getting your kid to eat green things (and I don't mean M & M's!) can be impossible or easy, depending on how you approach it when they first start eating.  While I may not have the answer to how to get a 10 year old who's never eaten veggies to suddenly like them, I do know that there are simple steps you can take from the very beginning to guarantee that your kids make healthy food choices without a fight.  Giving your child the gift of healthy eating habits is one of the greatest things you can do as a parent to help them achieve their highest potential.

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#1 Health Products You Want To Have With You On A Desert Island

desert islandIf you were stranded on a desert island, which ONE health product would you want to have with you? I've got my #1 favorite, and I've asked other health experts and friends what they would choose.  I got some really amazing answers, ranging from krill oil to coffee.  While there's no substitute for adequate food and water, you could certainly extend your stay on some idyllic island with these supplements.  The following explanations are brief, so be sure to click on the highlighted links to get more information.

Fish Oil / Krill Oil

You've heard people cringe about taking cod liver oil as a kid, but fish oils are finally getting their time in the limelight.  Fish oils are very important because of their essential fatty acids. EFA's (which include omega-3 and omega-6 fats) are crucial to cardiovascular health, immunity, joint function, and brain development. Krill oil contains EFA's plus antioxidants.  Here's what some experts said:

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The Yoga of (Un) Multi-Tasking

officeshivaAre you proud of being an excellent multi-tasker? Do you thrive off the adrenaline rush that comes from doing at least 10 things at once?  Maybe you feel like there's not enough time in the day to get everything done, so you never do just one thing at a time. It's hard not to do a lot of things at the same time, but new research shows that multi-tasking actually means you get less done and it's not done as well. The impact of multi-tasking on your health may take a while to show up, but according to yoga and Ayurvedic philosophy, this lack of focus creates Vata imbalance and keeps you from achieving optimal health.

Research Shows Multi-Tasking Is Less Efficient

In a 2009 Stanford University study, the researchers found that people considered to be high multi-taskers had an inability to ignore distractions and to keep things separate in their minds.

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5 Ways Ayurveda Might Cramp Your Style

ayurveda might cramp your style1.  Ayurveda might advise you to stop eating your favorite foods.

Ayurveda teaches that you are what you eat. Most people are in their current health predicament to a large extent because of their diet. Suppose you love spicy food and you pour hot sauce on your eggs at breakfast. You might also experience heartburn and tend to get frustrated easily.  Ayurveda would advise you to avoid spicy and greasy foods in order to decrease heat (Pitta) in your body. Who wants to be told that? Maybe people don't want to hear that they are causing their own suffering, but if you're really looking to get healthy, you have to acknowledge that your daily diet might have something to do with how you're feeling.

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The Secret to Happiness

man feeling gratitudeIf you're one of those people who'd rather be happy than miserable, then this post is for you.  I'm going to share the absolute key to happiness. This is something that anyone can do, and it is always available to you no matter what is happening.  You definitely want to read this and watch the following video if you've ever had the feeling that you wished things were different.

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