kidmusicYou know how sometimes you get music stuck in your head and it's even still there if you wake in the night?  Think about how dumb some of those lyrics are that you find yourself singing in the shower. Now consider the reverse -- imagine spiritual chants stuck in your head. 

Sacred syllables purify your energy even if you don't know what they mean. 

Choosing what you listen to actually makes a big difference in your state of mind.  Here's my recommendation of some super fun music that will transform you (and your kids) just by singing along.

 A few months ago, my 4 year old son, Haven, somehow got obsessed with a song by MGMT.  It's a catchy tune, but there are some pretty horrible, inappropriate words in there.  He didn't know what they were as he was singing them, but I knew I had to turn him on to something meaningful. 

I mean, if he's going to walk around singing something all day, it ought to be something positive! My kids like hip-hop music, so I knew I had to find something catchy, too.  I started playing MC Yogi's music in the car, and now I hear Haven playing trains in his room, singing Sanskrit mantras! 


MC Yogi - Rock On Hanuman (Live) from MC Yogi on Vimeo.

Years ago I lived at Ananda Ashram in New York, and while there I earnestly tried to keep everything I read, ate and thought in alignment with my spiritual practice.  I didn't leave the ashram a whole lot, but the first time I got in my car to go the grocery store I turned on the radio.  That night as I was meditating, I had some pop song in my head that I couldn't get rid of for two days.  From then on, whenever I was in the car, I either kept it silent or listened to Sanskrit chanting. 

I found that it had a huge impact on what kinds of words were occupying my mental space.

Next time you're looking to put on some music, consider the words that will be replaying in your mind for a while.  Are they words that are positive, meaningful, and perhaps even enlightening?  Remember, Sanskrit is a vibrational language, and mantras transform your energy whether you understand what they mean or not.  Especially with kids, it's an amazing gift to introduce them to Sanskrit chants that they'll enjoy singing (and dancing!) along to.

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