guna homeopathic injectionBeauty medicine refers to improving the health of your skin through a natural process of detoxification and rejuvenation.

Facial mesotherapy is the process of injecting small amounts of powerful homeopathic medicines into specific acupuncture points in the face, neck, or decollete to improve skin tone and collagen production, and to smooth out wrinkles. These substances actually make your skin healthier by regulating the inherent physiology in the body that is affected by stress, aging, and exposure. 

All patients begin their treatment program with a 4-8 week "drainage" period to cleanse the matrix of the skin and detoxify the cells. 
This process enables the body to have more energy to initiate repair, and insures better results from the injections.

Treatment typically consists of injections once a week for 8-10 weeks. Home maintenance in between treatments includes homeopathic oral and topical supplements.

Dr. Hall is trained by Guna, Inc to provide facial mesotherapy, as well as cellulite and adipose treatments. Guna, Inc. is an Italian company and a leader in European Aesthetic Medicine.  All Guna products are FDA approved and have no side effects.

See below for a description of the Guna Method.

My experience with the Guna treatment and with Dr. Hall was amazing.  I am 39 yrs old and have spent years living at high altitude, with many hours out in the sun and wind on a daily basis.  I felt like my skin was looking older than my years, based on my lifestyle...mountain biking, running, skiing, etc... My skin was looking very "leathery", dehydrated and rough.  Not to mention the deep lines that were starting to appear, especially between my eyes...which I now know are  the infamous "11's"!  I knew I needed to do something before I passed the "point of no return".  I had started researching some skin therapies, but all were a little more invasive than I wanted to go at this point.  Shortly after that I was talking with Dr. Sharada one day and she told me about this treatment she was doing.  I signed up immediately.  I first started with homepathic drops that supported the detox and drainage of the skin, which made a lot of sense to me, working the cellular matrix of the skin.  What I didn't expect from that part of the treatment was that my skin started to soften up and hydrate.  My lines, where the skin seemed "tough" started to soften.  That completely motivated me to be very disciplined with the process.  Next, came the injection process and with it the lines between my eys started to change and  fill in with healthier collegen.  I think it was my second time with the injections that I really started to notice a difference.  

I am still amazed!  I get up and look at my skin in the morning and it has a different appearance, a more youthful vitality.  I would recommend this process to anyone who is concerned and wants to change the appearance of damaged skin, but doesn't want to use harmful, abrasive, skin products and fillers.







Physiological Regulating Medicine (The GUNA Method) represents the most up-to-date integration of conventional medicine and homeopathic medicine.The GUNA Method includes the most recent knowledge about homeopathy, homotoxicology, Psycho-Neuro-Endocrine-Immunology and nutrition.

GUNA Method’s innovative approach combines the essential elements of allopathy and homeopathy; integrating the allopathic element related to diagnostic technology and modern physiology, whereas evidence based homeopathy provides the therapeutic effects.

Physiological Regulating Medicine adds to classical homeopathy a new therapeutic concept of restoring physiology through communicating molecules such as hormones, neuropeptides, interleukins, and growth factors prepared in homeopathic dilutions, which are at the same physiological concentration as the biological milieu.

The homeopathic preparation method of “dilution-dynamization” makes these communicating molecules even more effective, providing a biofeedback mechanism capable of restoring the body’s homeostatic balance.

Therapeutic Structure Of GUNA MethodConsidering the above mentioned assumptions, it is easy to understand the formulation of GUNA medications. Although each product has specific fields of 

application, each composition shows a common structure to ensure a holistic medical approach to acute and chronic diseases.

GUNA homeopathic medications are unique, due both to the ingredients and to the respective dilutions. These medications are designed with a standard common philosophy, which is that “the etiopathogenesis of a disease can be reflected in its homeopharmacological structure.”

The ingredients in each GUNA formulation are assembled and balanced in combinations that result in a powerful Therapeutic unit, where all components act in concert to restore the body’s balance and to correct the diseased state. GUNA medicines represent an integrative therapy, which is effective on both the cause and symptoms.



GUNA Ingredients Act On 5 Different Levels:

1. DETOXIFICATION: A detoxified and drained extra-cellular matrix absorbs oxygen and nutrients adequately, allowing cellular receptors to be activated by the “therapeutic molecules”, thus enabling cells to perform their metabolic function. The organs of elimination, activated by specific detoxification ingredients, will be strengthened in their physiological excretory and toxin-release function.

2. P.N.E.I. RE-BALANCE: Modulating the Psycho-Neuro-Endocrine-Immune axis in both directions, (psychosomatic and somatopsychic), is the essence of Physiological Regulating Therapy. In support of sophisticated biological mechanisms, homeopathic micro doses of: cytokines, hormones, neurotransmitters and selected homeopathic ingredients (herbal, mineral, or animal origin), reduce, modulate, and stimulate the reactivity of the three main biologic systems (nervous, immune and endocrine), to rebalance their physiological functioning.

2. CELL METABOLIC SUPPORT: The action of the hormones, cytokines, or any homeopathic remedy on the cell membrane receptors would not be effective if the cell were not in the proper “energetic” condition to respond. Therefore, cell metabolic stimulation is a necessary step to assure therapeutic success. Vitamins, minerals, oligonutrients, and most importantly, homeopathic micro doses of Krebs Cycle salts and quinones, activate the mitochondria as energy reservoirs to restore the highest ATP synthesis capacity.

3. CELL NUTRITIONAL SUPPORT: Nutrients (proteins, carbohydrates, lipids) can have an essential role in maintaining or restoring health. The most advanced research studies in nutrition have defined the typology, metabolic routes, and most importantly, the optimal amounts of each nutrient necessary for cellular nutrition. GUNA Products contain these small(oligos)and balanced (orto) amounts of amino acids, and vitamins necessary for proper cell nutrition. In addition,oligonutrients are incorporated to protect biological structures from free radicals, which are harmful in chronic and degenerative diseases, as well as in the aging process.

4. SYMPTOM CONTROL: The novel GUNA therapeutic concept results from scientific studies in the field of molecular biology, coupled with homeopathic tradition. GUNA’s nano-pharmacology technology is a process which utilizes homeopathic micro-doses of molecules at the same concentration as in the physiological milieu. These molecular micro-doses are capable of reactivating the appropriate biological immune response. Interleukins, neurotransmitters, homeopathic hormones, as well as classical homeopathic ingredients, work in synergistic coordination to reverse inflammatory processes and their resultant physiologic effects. The specific ingredients for each evolutionary phase of the inflammatory process (calor, dolor, rubor, tumor), are uniquely formulated to restore homeostatic balance with a considerable reduction in recovery time.

The GUNA Detoxification Protocol





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